The Third Element of the Boroque Style

In memory of KJH

In memory of KJH 2

2014-04-20 13.28.09

A tree is all but a tree

Unless there is a story to it

And every tree has its story to tell

For it bears witness to the ages of past and to come


14 Responses to The Third Element of the Boroque Style

  1. darcydevenus says:

    How! Oh How! Did I miss this post?! I’m irritated, not at you, but myself. It’s amazing!!! And I was so… pulled into the story because of that bittersweet….. emotionally charged moment, that yes……. I was pulled into the world of fanfiction…. and I learned so much. The hike to the tree… you’re NOT joking. Did you take the stairs? They scared the heck out of me. I’m glad that I went, but wow!!! what history!!! And this makes sense… you’re as ever so poetic. What was your major? I am very curious about that…. or just very well read? I don’t often analyse what I read, but sometimes, there’s a need. And what an interesting way to put it. Sorry about the long post. I feel like I’ve missed out on an amazing conversation. ‘Carry On!’ is still one of my absolute favourite songs!!! The OST was so amazing!!!

    • Uri Chingu, I thought about your questions and waited till now to decide how I should respond. Sorry for the long silence. And I decided to be straightforward. Yes, I took the uneven steps cut into the steep slope – alone, like the characters in the story. I could not imagine how some friends hiked up there in the snow. (What stairs?) I was somewhat disappointed by the archaeological sites there for the ‘Tree’ was not the main focus of my visit to Buyeo. From the way I reacted to that ‘bittersweet emotionally charged moment’ (you are very well versed here), you can tell I am not a fan of fan fiction and would be content not knowing whether they embraced each other or not. That is not to say I did not want to see Lee Min Ho finish Kim Hee Sun off with a passionate kiss in the least. It is only that I want the ending to remain the way the Director had wanted it. Art appreciation and entertainment took divided paths here. This is why I felt bad when some fans cursed the late Director. If he ever were guilty of doing ‘Faith’ injustice, it would be having to shrink it to the small scale that his budget could afford and his playwright could handle. To me nothing in ‘Faith’ was epic until that very last scene. You are too kind for I am not poetic. Most of the day, I write boring plans, reports and business documents. Back in my school days, I had a number of very different majors, in one of which I took a few courses in art history, mythology, anthropology, classical archaeology and literature. I am very weak in ancient languages but the only poems I had actually studied were in languages people spoke in the time Before Christ. I cannot say I am well read, for I seldom have patience enough to finish an entire book, but I consider myself well cultured. Sometimes I play the OST theme music when I practise playing the cello or the piano. I am not good or serious at either though, it is just something I do to express and entertain myself. I prefer the theme music of ‘Master’s Sun’ to ‘Faith’ though they were composed by the same composer.

      • darcydevenus says:

        Just to say that the fanfiction opened the real well of curiosity for the history of Korea. Before Faith, I didn’t care much about Korean history. After it, I wanted to know everything about it. I only watched the Master`s sun once. The ghosts were so creepy. I don’t remember much besides that.

  2. Justin Smith says:

    Absolutely beautiful explanation of the last scene. I just finished watching Faith and it is now my all time favorite drama.

    • Thank you. Shippers usually love a hug and a kiss. Harsh words were said about the late director before and after his death. I try to appreciate something different.

      • Justin Smith says:

        My wife felt that way but I thought the way it ended was perfect. I was deeply moved by it… Started watching it again already. I’m going to look for other films by the director in the future. I read about him after reading your third element tribute… said a silent prayer and thanked him for making something so great.

    • Director Kim was not very productive in the years right before his death. After Legend in 2007, he had one drama and that was Faith in 2012. Frankly, I have not watched any of his works except Faith. His greater works I heard were Sandglass and Eyes of Dawn which set off a golden decade of K-Drama in the 1990s. But after that, it was sad and bleak for the man.

  3. says:

    I went there two years ago (quite a long journey), and the place was so beautiful it literally moved me to tears.

  4. pink sapphire says:

    Agree. Do you know where is this tree?

    • This tree is in Buyeo, a province outside of Seoul. It takes 5 hours to get there by express bus. I have spoken about it before when I brought back pictures and experiences. Friends at Baidu gave me directions to the tree and the temple with the older version of the statue where Choi Yong and Eun Soo emerged when they returned to Goryeo. Write to me via email for directions if you want them (in mixed English and Chinese) or go to Baidu for instructions from the experts.

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