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Dear Readers,

Chapter 3 is about the hero’s journey. It’s the part where the hero of the story is discovered, receives training, encounters challenges, helped by supernatural powers, overcomes difficulty, loses his innocence, becomes independent (his mentor has to die or leave him in order for him to grow at this point) … you are familiar with this genre.  It’s a coming of age story – it’s the hero’s journey.  King Arthur with his sword and Merlin, Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, Jon Snow in Game of Thrones … and more.  If you are interested in this genre, you may want to read “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” by Joseph Campbell or an easier indirect dialogue between Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell in “The Power of Myth”.

Here, in “Faith”, Choi Yong’s journey begins with his Red Crescent Moon Gang membership, and he went on to do marshal arts training, ambushing sea bandits, and sea battles.  I cannot comment on the original prose of this part of the story, as I do not read Korean, but translating this part from the Chinese version was not as enjoyable as the other chapters.  Marshal arts, sea battles, etc are just not my cup of tea.    I enjoyed Skywalker’s journey, Jon Snow’s journey, and my all time favourite – King Arthur’s journey.  But Choi Yong’s journey is dry and lacking something that I cannot quite put my finger on.  It is not boring, but it is just not quite – there.  I believe this might have been one reason why this part was not filmed apart from the cost and time it would have taken.  The author had a second try in a modern day fantasy setting – “Healer”.  Again, I was not quite drawn to the episode where the early part of the  hero’s  journey played out and his long in hiding marshal arts parcour-like mentor came out just to die so the hero can transform from boy to man.  Coming of age or hero’s journey may just not be the author’s best genre.  in hindsight, I admit that there is a possibility that I might not have liked the story this much had it not been Lee Min Ho with Kim Hee Seon.


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Earlier in September 2016 – Reply posted by the author Song Ji Na on 27th July 2016

(translated into English from WaterWeed’s work)

Click “A Plea” to read the post.

Upon reading Ms Song’s plea, I lost the motivation to continue with Book Two and part of Book Three.  Yes, Ms Song uploaded a few pages of Book Three and then she stopped writing the book altogether.




Geneva Ashdene


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  1. Adhora says:

    WOW! already super excited! thank you for the rerun!

  2. Nayeema says:

    OMG!!! THANK YOU! Gracias!!! Danka!!! Kamsa hamnida! I dont know how to thank you enough so I thanked you in 4 languages that I am learning!!!
    Thank You so much! Will follow you every single day!

  3. Rima says:

    Oh dear!!! thank you so so much for doing a rerun! 🙂 Will follow through every single rules here 🙂
    THANK YOU again! for giving us a second chance!
    PS you rock! \m/

  4. Maria says:

    dear Geneva
    I admire your translations very much. Please be kind enough rerun from the start soon 🙂
    I so dearly want to read it!

  5. darcydevenus says:

    I did suscribe, I just don’t publish often. I have purchased the two volumes available for The Faith, but as the korean is so difficult, I would love to have the rerun. I didn’t have a chance to read all of it, and it made me so sad that I was afraid to try and really start. I’d love it from the beginning.

  6. Sarah Hale says:

    Hey Geneva
    I am new to your blog and I am already fascinated by the three excerpts of the novel “faith”
    Please kindly do a rerun soon

    • Fascinated? (smile) Those three were not excerpts. They were the last three pages of Book 1. They were full pages. Not excerpts. What you get here is almost word for word of the whole book the best I understood it. Not bits, pieces or parts.

  7. Gaby DeLee says:

    Hello Geneva
    Already following you and hoping there will be a rerun. I have checked other sites and blogs and most of them only translated the best part of the book, not as specific and detail as you. The most extense (to my taste) is the blog of Breathless Survival. You can check it out for your reference.

    Thank you for the hard work in translating and making the transcript. Hope to see you again in a near future.


    • Adnana says:

      Also already a follower and hoping for a rerun since I missed early chapters.
      About Breathless Survival–that’s the only other translation I know about as well, and she decided to focus solely on the interactions between Choi Young and Eun Soo. It’s a good translation, like yours; but it’s incomplete, unlike yours.
      Thank you,

    • Dear Gaby – how many of your friends will want to read? This is the time to let them know and sign up as a follower via email or wordpress. We will see the new numbers and decide.

      • Gaby DeLee says:

        Dear Geneva, sorry for late reply… My internet was down and work got me busy.. actually, I just caught up in your blog and missed pages 1-3 (I am so upset for my luck).. I actually dont know why I didn’t receive the notification in my email. Anyway, regarding your question.. my friends who are Faith fans are not english readers, so they can not follow the history as you publish and if I publish openly in our Minoz fan page, I am afraid not everybody will cherish your work as the Faith fans does. You are my best secret, haha… I am so glad you decided to do a rerun, I will try to keep up in a daily basis. You know, I have an small group of Faith fans in Facebook, since the series ended, we have been there, updating almost everyday, like it is still on air.. so funny. I share from time to time some resume, but they will love to read it like a book. I hope some day…our dream come true.

        Thank you for all the wonderful articles and translation..


  8. Adnana says:

    So, just 3 more pages? The end of an era. 😦
    Even though it’s been 3 years since the drama aired, I still love it to bits, and even if it takes another 3 years, I’d still want to read the books. I’m crushed that it seems less and less likely that Song Jina will ever publish Book 3 (and the rest).
    Have you decided against doing a re-run of Book 1 after all?
    Thanks you very much for your translations all this time.

  9. Adnana says:

    Dear Geneva,
    Blog post for p220 contains p210.

  10. lognat30 says:

    Dear Geneva,
    instead of 171 pages – 170

  11. Adnana says:

    I’m another faithful reader who found your blog too late and would appreciate a rerun. I missed Ch. 1, the beginning of Ch. 2 and, I think, the end of Ch. 5. Or maybe you didn’t publish the last pages of Ch. 5 at all? This was way back in the summer of 2014, and I always write down the last line on each page you share, just to remember where the story left off. I’m pretty sure that the last page that appeared on the blog before you took your long hiatus ended with an incomplete sentence. And then when you came back a few weeks ago, you started directly with Ch. 6.
    Anyway, sorry for rambling so. 🙂 I really appreciate your translation efforts and would be grateful if you’d consider a rerun. Honestly, I don’t remember the chapters I read in 2014 very well and would love to get a refresher on the details that I forgot.

    • I did not miss any pages but you might have. It did not end with an incomplete sentence, but since you are pretty sure, there is nothing more that I want to say.

      • Adnana says:

        Thank you for your answer; I hope I didn’t offend. I love your blog and look forward to each new post. Have a nice day!

  12. Gaby DeLee says:

    Dear Geneva,
    I am a fan, reader and translator myself. I really enjoyed the pages you are graciously releasing of Faith, the novel. Unfortunately, I have started reading too late, from end of chapter 5 to now. I hope you may consider to have a re run from chapter 1 till the end. Also, I would like to take the opportunity to ask for your permission to translate it to spanish and share it with a small group of Faith fans that exist in Latinoamerica. I have a blog where I do the translations, most of them for Lee Min Ho’s articles. I always mantain the credits and try to ask for the authorization of the publisher to translate. You can visit my blog in here:
    If not possible, then I will hopefully expect you do a rerun and I can finally read the available novel.
    Thank you for keeping the Faith alive,
    Gaby de Lee

    • Dear Gaby

      Sorry I cannot give permission for others to translate my work here into other languages because I need to respect the partner I am working with. In addition, we need to keep a lower profile and not publicize or publish because of copyright issues.

      Besides, the English translation here is not as accurate as I have wanted.

      I may do a rerun if there are enough followers.

      Just word of mouth to friends to read it here and please do not copy or publish otherwise we have to end it for good.

      Thank you for reading my work.

      Warm regards

      • Gaby DeLee says:

        Dear Geneva
        Thank you for visiting my blog.. Choi Young is in my background as he is my favorite Lee Min Ho character, but my blog is dedicated to all Lee Min Ho articles, or interviews that I found interesting. I am actually one of the administrators of Minoz Mexico ( https://www.facebook.com/MinozMexicoOfficial) and I also have a FB group where hardcore Faith fans from Latino America reunite. I have translated everything I have found for Faith (Breathless Survival blog has some good excerpt translations from the novel and I have requested her permission to do so. I found you too late I guess, not so sure why, but started reading you on chapter 5. This is why I would love to read everything and translate it to spanish if you authorize me. I am not looking for fame, or money (LOL) I just want to share the great opportunity we have to access the novel. Anyway, I appreciate you replied me. Since I found you I have not share it or copied, nothing. I have been selfish haha. And honestly, I don’t like to do anything without authorization first.

        Still, you count me as one of your readers if you do a re run.

        Ah, by the way, I think I have so many pictures with Choi Young and Eun Soo that my PC is going to explode.. LOL. Faith was the only drama that when it ended, I wandered aimlessly for 3 months… I needed to see one episode daily, until I was able to let go.. but the novel gave me hope and I still hope and expect Song Ji Na could end the books.

        Again, thank you for answering my post and visiting my blog!
        Kindest regards,

  13. Adnana says:

    Thank you for ending your hiatus and coming back with new material. You’ve been missed, and I deeply appreciate your return. 🙂
    Thinking back, it’s only now that I realize it’s been almost 3 years since I watched “Faith” for the first time. My memories of specific plot points have grown dimmer, and yet they’re still sharper than my memories of the countless other dramas that I’ve watched since–because all those other dramas were unable to even come close to “Faith” in terms of depth and breadth and sheer impact on my heart. 3 years on, I still love “Faith”. I still love the epic OTP of Yoo Eun-soo and Choi Young, and I’m grateful that, as your reviving of this blog shows, you feel the same way.
    I know that you too must have lots of commitments keeping you busy in your everyday life, which is why I want to thank you once again for carving out time to continue with this translation project. No matter how long it takes for you to finish this, please know that as long as you keep posting, I will keep reading gratefully. Fighting!

    • We all have commitments. I am no different, so family and work have to come first, and this translation can only be a hobby. Thank you for your encouragement. Yes, fighting!

  14. Laura says:

    Hi Geneva,
    Is this the end of your translation for Faith? Was it due to copyright issues? Hope it is not :(. Either way, thank you for all the pages you have translated so far. I really enjoyed reading them and hope this is not the end. Thanks so much for all the time spent translating for us Faith followers!

  15. Bianca says:

    Lieber Genf Ashdene,

    Danke das Sie uns an der Geschichte teilhaben lassen. Es ist schön Ihre Webseite zu besuchen und ein Genuss, Ihre Eindrücke vermittelt zu bekommen. Weiter so und ein großes Dankeschön. Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland, von einem “Faith” Fan.

    • Liebe Bianca, danke! “Faith” travelled to Germany? I love the beautiful castles and stories that go with them. I have been to Regensburg. It is the most poetic place I have ever been.

      • Bianca says:

        Lieber Genf Ashdene,
        ja auch in Deutschland erfreuen sich Koreanische Dramen und auch die tolle Kultur immer grösserer Beliebtheit. Regensburg ist wirklich schön, Burgen und Schlösser sind aber auch im Bayrischen Raum zu finden. Man denke da an den König Ludwig, der einige erbaute. Linderhof, Neuschwanstein. Gerne würde ich auch einmal nach Korea reisen, dort gibt es auch viele Sehenswürdigkeiten, die Geschichtsinteressierte wie mich sehr erfreuen. Aber auch die Freundlichkeit der Menschen dort. Schade das ich die ersten Kapitel deiner Übersetzung von “Faith” nicht lesen konnte. Ich freue mich aber das du uns daran teilhaben lässt.

        Viele liebe Grüße aus Deutschland


      • Perhaps, just perhaps when my steps are slow, I will do a rerun of the previous chapter, but I will have to ask WaterWeed first.

        It’s a pity that while I was in Bavaria, I did not go to Neuschwanstein. I had a friend in Regensburg and stayed there for a week. Yes, do go visit Korea, but not in the summer as it is really too hot. If you like Korean drama, I recommend websites of my two friends Joonni and Softy.

  16. King Gongmin was portrayed by different actors over time. One controversial version was the movie A Frozen Flower. Joo Jin Mo was King Gongmin. The royal guards were not called the Woodalchi. Princess Noguk… all the characters are in it, a story which stemmed from the rumors regarding the King’s sexual preference, probably fabricated by his enemies. Frankly, it was quite embarrassing to watch. But the chief of the royal guard, the princess, and everyone else are good looking, serious actors. And of course you know Joo Jin Mo.

    • Kristen says:

      Joo Jin Mo, I loved his performance in Frozen Flower. On par with Ruy Duk Hwan’s performance. Both were great as King Gongmin, but very different facets of King Gongmin.

      I had wondered about Joo Jin Mo playing Choi Young in Faith. Physically, he has a more suitable image than Lee Min Ho, in age and in body size, as befitting a seasoned warrior. Jin Jin Mo also could sure can act. However, I am not so sure Joo Jin Moo could have pulled at my heartstrings as Lee Min Ho pulled mine as Choi Young. (And I am indifferent to all other characters that Lee Min Ho had portrayed, so I think I am not blindly biased for Lee Min Ho.)

      How about you, Geneva? If Joo Jin Mo replaced Lee Min Ho as Choi Young, how would you have reacted?

      • Fans have other choices for the male lead, for example, Kang Ji Woon who was supposed to play it in the first place. I am sure KHS would have appreciated it. And the story was totally different then as seen in the early promos. But afterwards they had to change the story due to the lawsuit and why not to fit the male lead as well? So by the time they ended up with LMH, the story had become what it is today. To me, the story now and even the book could only work if we have LMH and KHS. It would be unfair to JJM to play CY the way it is now. I have seen it in Empress Ki. It did not work for me.

        As for The Frozen Flower, explicit scenes of the two male leads and the queen were just too explicit and unnecessary to me, who, unfortunately is not quite open in this regard. There is no room for imagination. Everything was laid on on the butcher’s table as we say in our culture. The element of carnal desires was fully illustrated but the element of mystery and longing was lacking.

        So back to JJM or KJW or any other actor for Faith, I would think the story has to change drastically to take advantage of the the actors’ traits and characteristics. KHS might not appreciate that. Let’s keep LMH. As writer Song had said once, LMH created CY.

        BTW – didn’t you like City Hunter?

      • Kristen says:


        I completely agree with you about Frozen Flower having “everything was laid on the butcher’s table”. I have an open attitude about seeing sex scenes on the screen, but only if those scenes serve the story well, and done tastefully. Leave room for the viewers’ imagination, as you said. The scenes in Frozen Flower were too explicit, too long, too many and some scenes were completely unnecessary. They reduced the credibility of the movie in my evaluation of it.

        I checked Empress Ki out because of Joo Jin Mo, and I dropped it after 2 eps. Somehow, JJM’s character did not appeal to me, neither did JJM himself in that series. Also, Ha Ji Won. I have seen lots of articles that rave about Ha Ji Won, but somehow, I cannot like her. It is just an instinctive reaction, even bordering on dislike.

        I have the same instinctive reaction to the female lead Park Min Young in City Hunter. On top of that, I think she has limited acting capability. Her presence took away some of my enjoyment of City Hunter. I am actually allergic to revenge stories in general, and I actively avoid those. They usually feature a lot of 1) heavy duty emotional angst, 2) angst due to misunderstandings that could have been cleared up easily if people actually communicate, and 3) many plot holes the Transformers can drive through. (Ok, that sounds like K-drama in general.) I checked City Hunter out because I liked Lee Min Ho. The fact that I finished the series meant I liked it well enough. But I never felt the great pull of any of its characters, (except I cried when the attorney died, and I liked the home shopping adjusshi.) I think Lee Min Ho was always too aware of his handsomeness (or his directors were) and that awareness peeked through in the characters he played (especially in Personal Taste and City Hunter and Heirs.) There is only so much flower boy prettiness that I can take. I prefer manly men with a strong moral fiber and a protective attitude. Choi Young was that manly man and the most manly and mature character that Lee Min Ho played with the least awareness of the pretty.

        You think the story and the book could only work with LMH and KHS.

        I think the Choi Young in the book could be played well by other actors. Although, visually/personally I already nixed the two actors (Lee Joon Ki and Kang Ji Wan) who were attached to the project before Lee Min Ho. Not because of the story/character and how the story/character changed the fit the actors. Because of the actors themselves. I could react to LMH’s Choi Young with empathy/protectiveness and pound on my table yelling “Give Choi Young a break, would ya?”. I think the other two actors could never pulled that reaction out of me as Choi Young. I have watched their dramas when their characters went through plenty of angst/hardships. No empathy from me. Zip. Nada. So, yes, let’s keep LMH as Choi Young.

  17. Kristen says:

    Thank you for putting up Chapter 5, Geneva.

    Poor young, powerless, and insecure King… Ryu Duk Hwan turned in an excellently layered performance. I wished he had been recognized with an award. Too bad Korean drama award is all about popularity rather than quality acting.

  18. Kristen says:

    Hi Geneva,
    Hope you have time to post chapter 5…

    • It is not about posting. I have not finished proofreading. Thank you for your patience in waiting.

      • Kristen says:

        My written English is good. If you would like, I am very willing to help with proofreading. I will not violate your rules. I just want to be useful.

      • Yes. Your written English is very good. But proofreading here means I am rewriting the initial English word for word translation from the other language into proper English expressions, not just removing typos or grammar mistakes. This is the part where the choice diction that readers like come into place. It is almost like writing a book but I don’t compose the story.

        I give an example: translation of foreign language word for word = ‘open door see mountain’ = ‘be straightforward’, or ‘don’t beat about the bush’.

        Depending on the context, I have to see if the idiom is more appropriate, etc.

        So you see why it takes time.

        Thanks for offering to help. It is not possible because you do not read the language that I am working with, plus, it involves a very personal touch when it comes to choosing how to express the words and the emotions, so the work of individual translators can never be the same.

        Since you are learning Korean, you can try translating from Korean to English. It helps to learn the language. Start your own blog. It’s educational and fun. It may even be closer to the original because it is direct from Korean to English. I am encouraging you.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Geneva,

      I see that when you said proofreading, you actually meant translating. Yep, that I cannot do.

      I actually did translate a majority of book 1 already, and some parts from book 2. Ddin’t think about starting a blog. You are right, my translation is a lot closer to the original because I went from Korean to English directly. (I was majorly confused while working on the tornado description and fight scenes, however.)

      I know what you mean about “choice diction” – choosing words that readers will like, as there are many equivalent words to express the same thing. During my first pass, I stuck close the the literal translation, so the story didn’t read as smoothly as I would have liked. (Not because of how Song Ji Na writes – because of me and the dictionary.) When I do a second pass, I will take some liberty and smooth out the tone.

      I depended heavily on the dictionary, so the work was painfully slow and therefore took so much time I almost neglected my family. Because of that, I took a break. I plan to just learn more vocab and grammar before restarting the translation. Meanwhile, reading your translation feeds my craving. In my mind, I am adding details and story lines to the original story, you see. I didn’t like Eun Soo in the drama, especially in the beginning. (Eun Soo in the novel is more likeable than Eun Soo in the drama.) I didn’t see how Choi Young fell in love with her. I wouldn’t fall in love with her. So I am adding details for her character to be more appealing in my mind.

      • Then, are you writing fan fiction in your mind? That I do not do.

        My friend sticks close to the Korean original and I stick very close to her. I don’t add or take out details. I just find the best way I know to express what was already written in the book as close to the original as possible while maintaing eloquence in the English language.

        Eun Soo is not amiable at the beginning because she is just another money-conscious Gangnam plastic surgeon. Her character met growth in a long and painful way. She has flaws like you and me. No one is perfect and a good heroine transforms and grows. She did.

        Choi Yong is infatuated with the glamourous Gangnam princess. He is naive and he lives in a world of men, responsibility and war. He does not get to have women friends. The only girl in the team went for him and he followed her like a puppy when he was young. He has never met anyone like Eun Soo and he is smitten. Then she grows and he developed deeper feelings for her.

        We have 3-dimensional characters here. They breathe, they have regrets and they get to grow.

      • Bianca says:

        Hallo liebe Kristen,

        ich würde es schön finden auch Ihre Interpretation der Übersetzung zu lesen. Jeder Interpretiert das Gelesene ja anders, findet andere Worte dafür. Wenn ich das Buch auf Englisch kaufen könnte würde ich eine Übersetzung auf Deutsch anstreben. Leider haben Fans aus Deutschland nicht das Glück an das Buch zu kommen.

        Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von Bianca .

  19. lognat30 says:

    Thank you for a wonderful translation of faith. So sad that I found your blog just now, and missed a lot of pages. I know that you are often asked to lay out the previous pages, but could you take pity on us and put the previous chapter for a day? please-please-please!

    • Rules were given to me by WaterWeed and friends to follow in order to go on. When I complete Book 1 and 2, I may do a brief rerun. Translation takes a lot of patience and time. Hope you have the same. Thank you.

  20. Kristen says:

    End of Chapter 4.
    Feeling sad… Eun Soo is stuck in another world… Choi Young is hurt…

    • Have you read the part where he intentionally looked at the sword to plant the idea into her mind subconsciously to get her to use it? Sad.

      The part that moved me so was where she uttered ‘psycho’ and he responded each time not knowing what it was until he found out that it meant ‘murderer’, there was the irony. A little word uttered softly broke down a great big warrior. Sadder.

  21. Kristen says:

    Geneva, thank you for posting page 20. I have read that passage many times, and it fills me with feelings every time. Choi Young thinking he would think of Eun Soo’s scent and red hair as he goes about his mundane life… Choi Young being happy he can keep his promise… I am so biased towards Choi Young, it is not even funny.

    Yeah, there is way more skinship between those two in the novel than in the drama. I’ve got a problem with that!

    • To me, this is not skin ship. I see the author giving an illustration of tension between man and woman getting too close in those days. For Choi Yong, it is almost a compromising position to be. In those days, the culture and rule would be that a man could not be alone with a woman if she was not his wife much less be close or to touch her, if he did, it would be way out of line and punishable under the law. In addition, if a man were to look at a woman’s feet, it would be like having violated the woman. (not in dramaland) One way was for him to marry her. The other way was for her to commit suicide. But Choi Yong also knew that she was different, and he had already touched and carried her too many times along the way from the heavens. He had regrets towards his physical contact towards her, hence the inconvenience he spoke of. His intentions were either noble or at the king’s order, so in a way it was allowed. Like Chang Bin carrying the queen for the king out of danger. There would be inconsistencies to cultural taboos because people made up the rules. Remember, ES hugged him, not the other way around. To Choi Yong, she did that because both times she did not want to fall off, but we know we are more relaxed about physical contact in Eun Soo’s day and age, not Choi Yong. This problem will reappear between the boy and the girl who later become king and queen in the story. (Book 2)

      In this area, Choi Yong is simple-minded. It is implied that if he sent her back, all this close contact due to life threatening situations would not matter because no one would have to know and even if so, he got close to keep her from harm. The problem would become complicated for this simple noble man if she stayed. Even if it were to keep her from harm, she would either have to marry him or commit to a nunnery or kill herself. And his lowly position was no match to a divine being from the heavens, so he should be condemned and killed as well. This is another cultural taboo, you just don’t cross over to a social rank higher than yours unless it is an exception – like money or politics. So he should be responsible for her until she leftl (where cultural rules stops and becomes different). So actually from the point where he kidnapped her, she became his to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do them part. He tainted her honor in a way and that was why ‘there was no other way’ apart from the predicament before the kissing scene.

      These rules were implied and that was why when she bared her legs, he got furious while other reasons played a part as well. But for her to bare her legs, it was like everyone had a go at his betrothed girl. His honor and her honor both violated.

      All this, when watching period drama should be implied and need not be explicitly spoken or explained. We should know that these rules apply to our characters. And tension which many called skin ship and me with a different view becomes part of the plot.

      Too much skin ship will ruin the story. Just right gives it the appeal.

      • nayeema says:

        oh my!!! such deep thoughts…………..i died laughing during the bared leg scene but now it seems quite deep and dangerous 😐 didnt think this silly act of her would cause such disdain towards our beloved general! Man i wish i could read his thoughts when she bared her legs and came and asked him to open his shirt infront of a dozons of soldiers! I thought they would all laugh at the situation! never imagined it was such a grave situation! the severity of her ignorance is now a bit more clear to me however there was no reaction after this :/ could it be really that serious that she would have to commit suicide if choi young didnt marry her or returned her to heaven! OH MY!!!

      • Haven’t you watched the first couple of episodes of My Love from the Stars? Everyone wanted the boy and the girl killed though they did not cross the line but they believed they did.

      • Get your friends to sign up as a follower or follow by email. I will know if a number of readers are accumulating.

      • Nayeema says:

        I told them 🙂 they said they will all be following you! I started watching love from the stars but it was not as intriguing as faith to me. But I now understand the relativity of these two series. Its amazing to see that u see stories with such depths and perceive extraneous details which others overlook 🙂
        its lyk getting a explanatory background review 🙂
        Thank YOU for giving a little bit of your mind! Hope to see more of you! 🙂

      • Tanzina says:

        Dear Geneva
        I have wondered about this thing for quite a long time and couldnt come up with a possible explanation. I hope you can shed some light into the topic.
        When Choi Young kissed Eun Soo in Episode 17 how did it ensure that Eun Soo could now never marry Dhokhongun (whatever the spelling is)/ or quote “this marriage is now impossible” :/ . Because it was Choi Young who kissed Eun Soo not the other way around! are there more significant Taboo reasons behind it? Please kindly explain this to me
        And Yup! waiting impatiently for the rerun of exotic translations 🙂

      • Dear Tanzina, What is your ethnic background? Personal details of yours had better not be displayed in public. Write to me at genevaashdene@gmail.com so that I can explain the kiss scene better in light of different cultural background.

  22. Kristen says:

    What do you want to say about the tree?

    • This is the tree in Buyeo where the story ended. I thought no one is interested. It was a long hike up there from the town of Buyeo. After I took this photo, I thought I was going to faint after that unexpected long hike because when I looked at it on the screen, it was fuzzy wuzzy. I took a short rest with the other fans lining up to wait for tourists to get away from the tree to get a good shot. Then I realized I swiped the lens accidentally with my finger covered with hand cream that I had put on after cleaning my hands (I touched rocks and vines to get up). So I didn’t really need anything but my Samsung phone to get this photo. But then I got up and really blacked out. As I steadied myself, I pressed the button and out came another photo and this became the background of this blog from the angle of me tipping over.

      It was almost 1.5 km up hill and down hill to the statue where Choi Yong went in. Then a many steps up to the temple. After that, 2 km up hill on mountain paths to the tree and the last 200 metros was steep and tricky. I had to do this in 26 degrees heat.

      I wasn’t lucky to get a taxi at least to slice half the walking distance where vehicles could reach and just do the climb. Some fans drove there. I don’t even speak the language.

      And that was equal to all the walking I had done in a year.


      • Kristen says:

        So, Geneva, that beautiful photo you took was hard-earned! It sounds like there were many other tourists around you. I wonder what you would feel if you were there alone. I mean, please explain more about your statement: “if you are there at the tree, you will know why [CY and ES staring at each other was more emotional and powerful than CY and ES hugging and kissing].

        Also, I picture CY sitting alone under that tree, waiting for ES to come back. I wonder what he felt. It would have been lovely to know.

      • @ Kristen
        The place where the tree is located is small. The way PD nim filmed the scene with the two apart gave it distance and made the place seemed bigger, thus the cinematography became epic. Even though they were not that far away from each other, we would feel that the distance was large. In the scene that we keep playing over and over, the more we want them to come together, and the fact that they just stand there staring at each other makes the distance between them feel like the distance is even greater and the place larger and thus the scene becomes epic.

        They are far apart…

        Many steps, many years, many lifetimes, apart…

        The third element is the tension of expectation that something is going to happen, that which we know is going to happen and that we longed for but is actually not there – yet. We know the next frame is what we expect to happen. From an art history studies point of view, this is very Boroque. The third element in the Boroque painting style is the missing part that is the next moment, that which is not in the painting but in the viewer’s mind as an expectation and is often dramatically different from what is visible in the painting. This adds depth to the scene as there is a third element in the two dimensional plane. The expectation of a dramatic change to the whole scene makes the scene more emotionally moving and it leaves the viewer a more lasting impression. It evokes a lot more emotion from the viewer because the next moment is elusive. It keeps you thinking and longing for the next moment that follows the scene you are viewing.

        They will come together. The third element…

        And because of this third element and the epic scenery, the film reel in our minds will play it over and over – that they were apart but would come together in a very epic and dramatic way. They were finally close, but apart, or they were apart, but would come together. The last scene makes the viewer feel what Choi Yong and Eun Soo had felt in all those lifetimes, years and steps apart.

        I appreciate what PD nim had done for the ending. Anyone can do a kissing and hugging scene for the ending. But PD nim did something extraordinary – powerful, epic, emotional and lasting. He made us feel the frustration, the surprise, the longing, the faithfulness, the patience, the sadness, the joy, the gratefulness, and much more – all the emotions that went through the two characters – all in but one scene. How else would we feel everything that the two characters feel? How else could we have such strong feelings and a long-lasting memory of the story that PD nim told? That is an unexpected and ingenious way to sum it up and end it for in this way, with the third element at work, it never ends.

        And this never-ending and looping element is also another theme of the story – how many lifetimes of these two diverged and converged? Based on faith and love?

        Have you wondered why to this day you still talk about the story, still have strong feelings for the character and still want to read it or view it over and over again? This is why. The third element at work.

        That is a genius at work. That is beautiful. That was his touch which touched my heart. And I discovered this at the tree.

  23. It was just so sad when she uttered ‘psycho’ softy. Especially because he did not know what it means and just answered her whenever she called him that.

  24. Kristen says:

    I too wondered and worried about whether author Song Ji Na would still write books 3 and 4. I wondered if books 1 and 2 sold enough that the publisher would be interested in buying book 3 and 4 from the author.

    Thank you for continuing to post the pages. I look at your site everyday.

  25. Kristen says:

    Thanks for posting page 10. First conflict of priority for Choi Young – save the royal couple or the Lady from Heaven!

    Looks like you have many silent readers, Geneva. Also, I recommend, if it is possible, to re-arrange your page to provide readers a place to add their comments right after your comment. This way, there is a clear one-to-one link between your post and readers’ responses to that post. The way it is now, readers need to scroll down to the bottom of the home page, passing many previous comments, and there is no clear one-to-one link between comments.

    I am just trying to be helpful, to repay you for the pleasure of reading Faith in English…

  26. Kristen says:

    Thanks for posting B1C4P9, Geneva.

  27. Kristen says:

    Hi Geneva,
    I don’t what to say, except I feel bad that there are “bumps on the road.” I imagine you are angry and disappointed. I wish somehow we readers can earn your trust back, so that we can continue to enjoy reading your translations and comments. I myself promise to stick to your rules.


  28. Dear Kristen,
    Thank you for reading and your kind words. I do the English, WaterWeed does another language. She will be pleased to know you liked the translations.

  29. jasmine says:

    I found your blog by chance today and feel really wonderful that I’ve found it.
    Thank you for your fantastic translation and I am really appreciate your work.
    Even though I found it too late so I’ve missed Chapter One and Chapter Two…
    Really hope that you would rerun it…T_T

    However, I will follow your blog and you have all my support!!!
    Thanks for your hard work :))

  30. Thank you so so much. You are UNIQUE!!

  31. Thank you so so much. You are UNIQUE!!!!



    • Dear Gobby,

      You are always welcomed here! You are the one who gave me the idea and encouraged me to translate the book and hence the birth of this blog. Yes! Fightin’ – when I come back from Seoul.

  33. The most difficult word to translate in this exercise has got to be the word ‘look’.

    Just how many ways can Choi Yong look at the ones he loves and the ones he respects, the ones he beholds with regret and the ones he beholds in contempt, and then there are the ones he couldn’t care less about? And emotions had to pour through those wide eyes. Those eyes fans long for – the eyes of Mr Lee Min Ho.

    He is in effect killing me softly with his eyes simply because I have to translate his emotions through his gaze or glare or stare or peek or leer or glimpse or glance or… and it is even more difficult when he he does the opposite, depriving someone he loves or he hates with how he withdraws his gaze.

    Imagining him looking with: rage, surprise, helplessness, love, regret, hatred, disappointment, anxiousness, yearning, relief, sorrow… and indifference (the worst kind of feeling to express through a look). I cannot just use the word look repeatedly. What do I do? What do I do…

    Lee Min Ho ‘shi’, I hate you for what I love about you in the first place.

    Just kill me. Kill me now.

  34. Thsnk you so much!!!!

  35. I would imagine B1C3p2 to be funnier than when it came out on TV. Imagine watching two tall, big, handsome and serious young men looking at each other. They are the top warrior and top healer in the kingdom. One has long hair, talks and looks only too serious without a sense of humour, trying to get from the other one an explanation on seeing someone revered to be the top of their profession, from the ‘heavens’, who turned out to be lacking in professionalism and unbelievably unreasonable and irresponsible. In effect, he was putting the blame on the other one, saying something like “Are you for real?” The other one is certified crazy and keeps playing dumb and innocent to avoid having to explain what’s with the doctor who looks and sounds like she is ignorant and reluctant. He has yet to doubt if he has really gone mad picking this doctor from all the doctors. He has yet to realise that he has picked the wrong one because of the wrong reasons. He just doesn’t know it yet. Indeed, he has gone mad. Madly in love. But the one with the long knows this before the one who is crazy.

    • Kristen says:

      Hehe, I like your imaginary scenario. That would have been funny.

      I wish that there were more interaction between Choi Young and Dr. Jang Bin in both the novel and the drama. That would have been awesome since I liked them – both the characters and the actors. From what I can tell in my spotty attempt at reading the book, Dr. Jang Bin was super observant and introspective. He was also caring and protective of Choi Young. Like when Eun Soo questioned whether Choi Young would really keep his promise and bring her back to the portal, Dr. Jang Bin scolded her for doubting Dae Jang’s faith and integrity, given that Dae Jang proved he would have died to pay for breaking his promise the first time (by letting Eun Soo stabbed him). As far as I could tell in book, Dr. Jang Bin was very sharp with Eun Soo.

      • Yes. If Philip Lee did not have that eye surgery, Chang Bin would be a more developed character in the drama. Let’s hope Book 3 and Book 4 will be written so we can find out what author Song Ji Na has planned for this character.

  36. Adnana says:

    Hello, again. 🙂
    I only wanted to say… I’ve just read the last page posted, and just like with every other page before it, I was struck by the high quality of your translation. On each page, I always find at least one-two passages that make me sit up and take notice–because they’re written so beautifully in English, painting such an evocative picture. Like, this time, one example: “…Eun Soo’s mind was like a ball of yarn spun into a tangled skein…” I love your vocabulary, and your word choices. I think either you’re a very gifted translator, or plain and simple a gifted writer yourself. Or both. 🙂
    Thank you.

    • Thank you! I am flattered. Since you are new here, I will explain. Faithling readers here know that my English translation is based on the translation of WaterWeed who translated the book from Korean Into another language. I try to stick to word for word translation while keeping coherence and correct English expressions as far as possible.

      • Adnana says:

        Ah, okay. Thanks for clearing things up. I’ve seen the “WaterWeed” name on top of every page, but wasn’t aware of the specifics of his/hers contribution.
        Well, if anything, what you said–that your translation is based on another translation–just makes it more amazing that the text you end up uploading here flows so well. Personally, I’ve always found translating to be very challenging. But then again, I’m not very good at it. 🙂 I do love languages, though.

      • This is my first attempt at translation, and I am not a writer. But when I see that fans provide subtitles of favorite K-drama in different languages for us who do not understand Korean, I thought I’d give the book a try after discussing it with WaterWeed and her friends. I do the English version because amongst us, I am the one with the English ability. I must say WaterWeed is the gifted and well-versed one to begin with.

  37. Adnana says:

    I just stumbled across your blog the other day, and I LOVE it. (though I could really hit myself for not having discovered it sooner. there are sooo many pages that I already missed! oof)
    Thank you, thank you for all your hard work, translating this story that I love so much in its drama form and that I’m gradually coming to love even more in its novel form (which is no easy feat!).
    I am now following your blog, so I’ll definitely make sure not to miss any more pages. Once again, thank you for sharing this novel with us loyal Faithlings who aren’t able to read Hangul and who would thus be unable to understand Song Jina’s beautiful words.

    • Dear Adnana,

      If I am slow and cannot catch up with new uploads, I may do a rerun, but that will not be soon. Thank you for reading.

      • Adnana says:

        Oh, that’s more than all right, really! Now that I’ve discovered your blog, I have all the time in the world to wait for re-runs, even it’ll only happen when you finish posting Book I, or Book II, and run out of new material (speaking of, I’m actually worried that there’s been no word about Book III from Song Jina in so long). At any rate… until you decide to do re-runs, I’m more than happy to read the material you’re posting now. 🙂 Thank you again.

  38. Laura says:

    Hi Geneva,
    We appreciate all your hard work in translating this. I hope you do continue. I wouldn’t mind at all if you skip all the pages on the translations of the tornadoes, fight scenes, or anything that does not have much of relevance to the story. I enjoy reading more about the deep inner thoughts and the dialogue between the characters. Again, thank you for taking the time to do this for the Faith fans out there.

    • It is always tempting to skip parts that are difficult, parts with no Choi Yong and no Eun Soo in it. But then, the story will not be complete. Thank you for the encouragement. Watch out for B1C2 upload in about half a day.

  39. Thoughts of an amateur translator:

    While working on B1C1, I was surprised at the page length devoted to describing tornadoes which was a bit much. Fight scenes were equally difficult to translate. B1C2, however, will be very different. A larger vocabulary can be used for the modern world. A diction of the olden times had to be used for the Goryeo period and due to my shortcoming, the choice of words used were quite limited. It will be easier to do B1C2, plus, writing the translation of the beginning of the romance between Choi Yong and Eun Soo will be pure enjoyment for this fan called Ashdene.

    But there is a dark side to this work. Every time I translate a page, I immerse into the story as if I live that life, think those thoughts and feel those emotions. Not just one character but of each and every character, being in the first, second, and third person points of view at the same time while their lives intertwined as the story unfolds in the words I put in English in place of the words I read in another language. Reading is emotionally on a single level, writing the translation is, however, multi-layered. It is getting more intense – too intense at times with B1C2 and B2C5. Romance in the former and aftermath of a suicide in the latter.

    I hope to continue with this piece of translation work. But it is draining me, both intellectually and emotionally.

    Wonder what it would be like to be the author. The author is at ease and flexible to do whatever the author likes with the characters and the storyline. The author is in control. The translator, however, is not, and it is being controlled by what is already written. I think this is why is it draining me, both intellectually and emotionally.

    • Kristen says:

      Geneva, I completely get what you mean here, the feeling of being drained intellectually and emotionally.

      I especially feel the thoughts and emotions of Choi Young. The man was silent on the outside but in his internal landscape, he was constantly thinking and feeling. And his internal landscape was bleak! His thoughts were melancholy and honorable and caring, especially caring towards his Woodalchi children and Eun Soo. I felt sad and thought if anyone needed (and deserved) hugs and kisses badly, it definitely was him.

  40. @Pink Sapphire – I would not know. There are few records of Goryeo in English, not to mention records of the historical Choi Yong, his wife and his daughter. I read that his daughter married King U, son of Gongmin, which you already know. Our friends Waterweed, Sago or Six Degree may know more. Since Choi Yong was not royalty or an aristocrat to begin with, he would either have to be made a ‘Prince of the Court’ or marry his offsprings to royalty to earn the Buwongun title. So I think you are right.

  41. Preview B1C1p19 – ”Will hold out till your return.” foreshadowing death in a later chapter when Choi Yong did not return

  42. Laura says:

    Looking forward to reading your post when I wake up! It is like my daily dosage of faith :).

  43. There are many Buwonguns in history. Choi Yong was Cheolseong Buwongun 鐵城府院君.

  44. B1C1p18 up. Choi Yong said something of the foul kind in his mind. I wonder what he could have said in this mind. Works of the foul kind would be hard to translate.

    • Calliep says:

      Sorry, not up on short forms. Don’t understand what B1C1p15 up means.

      Anyway I got the first email notification on page 15 from being a follower on your blog so I won’t miss anymore pages. I missed here and there because I do not check every day, I thought once every 10 days would work. But since I get your blog notifications, there is no longer a problem. 🙂

  45. Calliep says:

    Surprised to find that it is no longer 6 pages at a time but only three, found that I missed three though. I tried to time it, Anyway, I signed up to follow so I know when you have a new page up the next time. You do a good job translating.

  46. I really appreciate your work. I am conpletely happy to have the opportunity to read this book about the drama that I love deeply

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