General Choe Yeong and Mr Lee Min Ho

General Choe Yeong’s bust can be found at the War Memorial of Korea in Seoul.  It stands with the busts of other great generals in Korean history in a circle.  Some say Mr Lee Min Ho resembles him.  Younger chingus will be able to find out come the time Min Ho shi turns 60 or so.  Geneva A may not be around to see that day.

Choe Yeong at War Memorial            LMH as Choi Yong

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5 Responses to General Choe Yeong and Mr Lee Min Ho

  1. I saw the bust when I visited the War Memorial in Seoul last November, but it didn’t mean anything to me as I have not watched Faith at that time.

    It is hard to determine if they look alike from the pictures, as what makes Lee Min Ho as Choi Young in Faith so compelling are his eyes, while the eyes on General Choe Yeong’s bust are static.

    I’ve wondered why I am so drawn towards the Choi Young character in Faith, and I realized it is because Choi Young is the most consistent person I’ve ever seen on TV, and in my life. And his character offers great comfort in a world of chaos.

  2. pink sapphire says:

    Haha! You probably may still get to see that day. 😃

  3. darcydevenus says:

    I haven’t been there yet, but I will go. Thanks again for everything.

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