DOTS and Faith scenes very much alike… 2-4-2016

Dear Readers,

Please do not copy without acknowledging GenevaAshdene as the source.  I spent quite a bit of time putting these together for your enjoyment.

DOTS and Faith scenes are alike, even the basic story plots are alike.


Lay a hand on that cheek… (Geneva Ashdene)

Faith5-1  DOTS12-5

Keepsake of the love and connection… (Geneva Ashdene)

Faith14-x DOTS12-4

As gagged hostage at knifepoint/gunpoint (Geneva Ashdene)

DOTS11-1 Faith2-x

Getting hit across the cheek and ended up with a cut lip… (Geneva Ashdene) 

Faith2-y DOTS12-1

And the Captain is always late… (Geneva Ashdene)

DOTS12-6 Faith5-2

Tagged and tugged, surrounded by children…

DOTS3-3DOTS3-2  Faith2-2 Faith2.4

DOTS and Faith scenes alike…

Together they examine a sick boy… 

DOTS3-4 Faith2-5

No cell phone reception in a foreign place…

DOTS3-1 Faith2-3

DOTS and Faith scenes alike…

Both not in a hospital facility but operated on royalty or the president …

DOTS3-5 Faith2-1

The wound to the side hurts so lean against the doctor…

Faith3-1 Faith3-2


DOTS and Faith scenes alike: The gaze that connected the star-crossed lovers… call security, please!



DOTS1-3 Faith1-4


Faith1-2  DOTS1-5

Gazing at each other lovingly over a meal…

(inspired by Kim Hee Sun unofficial fan page owner at Facebook)

(2 dots photos from nickynisa)


DOTS and Faith scenes alike: Captains both on a stretcher but won’t let go…


DOTS and Faith scenes alike: Captains hurt in the shoulder every now and then…


DOTS and Faith scenes alike: stitch by stitch, over and over, the doctors put the captains back in one piece…


More to follow…

DOTS and Faith scenes alike: Captains’ fingers in the tresses…





faith 23-1

DOTS and Faith scenes alike: And you get the idea about the shoe…


DOTS poster

DOTs and Faith scenes alike: Rest and chat sitting and leaning against the barrier…


Faith13-4 DOTS10-3

DOTS10-2 faith14-3

faith14-aDOTS10-6 Faith12-2




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2 Responses to DOTS and Faith scenes very much alike… 2-4-2016

  1. :O I only watched a few episodes of DOTS because I didn’t really care for the characters. OMG…. Faith is practically DOTS but a little better since I thought it was written better. That sucks that it didn’t do well, even if it had EVERYTHING in DOTS (or at least the couple scenes).

  2. pink sapphire says:

    This is quite interesting.

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