The Blissful Word that was killing Daejang softly

The bliss that Choi Yong experienced when he swept Eun Soo off her feet and held her in his arms multiplied when he pretended to drop her as she struggled. For just a moment, he was able to forget his duties and his burden, his woes and his tragic past. For just a moment, he became playful and distracted.

But the bliss was short-lived.

This was why when I translated the part where Eun Soo called him ‘psycho’, tears rolled down my eyes because sooner or later he would find out.  All this time he had grown so used to being called by this name or had even become quite fond of it.  Nevertheless, it was what Eun Soo called him.  He responded to it though he did not know what it meant.  When Choi Yong finally realised what ‘ psycho’, a name he kept responding to meant, it shattered what was left of his broken heart, and it broke my heart. The more softly Eun Soo called him ‘psycho’, the greater the sorrow.  It was very, very cruel to Choi Yong.  He might be strong, but he was fragile at the same time.  A woman he cared for betrayed his feelings for her.  And this would not be the only time.  Another did the same seven years ago.  The woman he had in his arms would do so again.

The misery that followed the bliss was short as well.

Choi Yong had not found the reason to carry on to begin with. He would gladly give his life in any convenient battle for a good cause.  And he killed himself only moments after the bitter realization left him in despair.

To me, this was the most tragic part of the story, the part when Eun Soo called him ‘psycho’ softly, so very softly.


















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3 Responses to The Blissful Word that was killing Daejang softly

  1. pink sapphire says:

    Is that so? Wish I have the book to read through again and check this out.

  2. Phoenix says:

    I can’t thank you enough for your translations. They’re more than amazing. Please do continue. I’d love to know more of the story. I keep thinking about Faith and I can’t seem to let it go. I’m still working on a Faith fanfic and your translations help me to keep the characters on track. I may even be able to -perhaps later, when I’m not so busy- do some corrections in some chapters. My English isn’t that good, my memory’s just as bad, and then you come with this wonderful piece of work. Again, thank you! And if you may, I’d be honored if you take a look at my fic called ‘Eternal Bonfire’ , at fanfiction dot net. Take care.

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