Nine – a heartbreaking story

Notice that there is a rerun on Nine – Nine Time Travels last night.  This was broadcast in 2012 when time travel genres were hits in Korean drama.

I usually have to watch again at least parts of the drama that I come to like because I rely on subtitles, however, it was very  difficult to watch Nine because it was such a painful experience, that is, if you sympathize with the main characters.  Each and every character turned out to be tragic.   The tragedy of each character was made inevitable no matter how many chances the main character got to try and change it.  There was not one who could escape the tragic fate that was written for them to play out in the script.  This drama is not for the faint of heart or those who are troubled.

The first episode opened with the main character breaking both good news and bad news to the audience, a proposal and deaths, romantically set against the backdrop of the sacred iced peaks, blue sky and white clouds of Nepal, making it epic.

Lee Jin Wook played Park Sun Woo, a gentle, honest, confident, young man who loved his family and had to bear the burden of his father’s murder and care for a mother who had lost her mind plus a strayed brother who suffered from depression.  His efforts would not be rewarded ever, not with a word or a smile.  He tried to hold it all together, hoping for the return of his family and carry on.  On the exterior, he was admired as he was good-looking, masculine and successful, but he remained the most tragic and helpless person in the story.  A lonely, lonely man even when he did not lack people who cared for him.

He was tempted to right the wrongs to his family.

As he fell for it, slowly the truth unfolded before his eyes, bit by bit.

And he thought by sacrificing himself or if he tried really, really hard, he could save his family from sadness and despair.  He was determined because he knew he was in the right.  He tried and tried, again and again.  And each time he tried, he turned over a part of himself and others and ended up getting hurt.  Each time he tried, it broke my heart.  Until he came to terms with fate, he found no solace and experienced one twist of fate after another as he dared to meddle with fate itself.

Every episode was sad, powerful and moving.  Park Sun Woo was fundamentally a good man, a good son and a good brother and because he was so sweet and he tried so hard to love his family and friends that his story became heartbreaking, each episode more heartbreaking than the previous.

This is why it was so hard to watch the first time, not to mention to go over it again, but it was difficult to understand, so one had to watch it again.  I have a love-hate relationship with this drama.

I am not trying to discourage hard work and perseverance.  It is important to give our best and not to give up when faced with challenges.  However, this is another story that reminds us that sometimes we have to learn to let go and move on.  Good things do happen to bad people and bad things just happen.  Life is never fair or just.  Life is made up of unrelated events that we try to string together to make sense and meaning of them.  And when good things happen to good people, we should remind ourselves how blessed we are for it is never certain and we need to be grateful.  We need to remember in the grand design of things, we need to have faith but it may not always make sense.

So what do we do?  We make sure that we do good and carry on the best we can so that we won’t cause more bad things to happen to anyone, whether they are good or bad.  In conducting ourselves in everyday life, we should try to see the big picture so that we do not become conceited and focus on the near, but to see if by doing good and feeling proud of ourselves, in the big picture, the far and future, will our good cause the bad to happen.

It is a lesson on how precious the chances we are given.  We only live once and most of the time what we do cannot be undone.   By all means live freely, enjoy it but just remember:

The devil works in small ways and gets you into big trouble.  You get tempted before you know it because the devil comes to you in small ways.

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