A Nobleman’s Dilemma

The feelings that went through Daejang, a great noble warrior should be quite complicated because earlier, he had already come to a realization that he was committing a crime in a sacred place.   He had made up his mind that he would eventually have to accept punishment for what he had done in the Heavens.  Filled with frustration but being quite helpless, there was nothing he could do about the situation in which he had found himself.   When he watched the doctor cry and scream, he could not help but feel regretful and angry.  Given Daejang’s personality, he should have believed that whether it was taking a woman by force, or abducting a doctor in the least, it would both be considered as an act unbefitting of a noble righteous man.  Especially if he had treated a woman with disrespect, having touched her, he would have to take her as a wife or she would have to end her life.
So, imagine the dilemma this noble warrior was facing.  A man who was truely righteous and virtuous having to harm a woman and take her by force by because the king sent him on a mission.  In the ancient times, grabbing or holding a woman was not what a proper respectable man would do. That kind and extent of physical contact with her was like violating her.  It must be hard on the Daejang.  Violating a woman should be against his nature, the code a warrior must abide by and the rules of society he was brought up with.

So one could say this was all in the name of a greater cause, a true man would cast aside useless views of society and would not be bothered with the fuss and head straight towards the greater goal – Save the Queen!

Easier said than done.  After the nobleman had saved the Queen, he would still have to deal with the consequences of his actions, otherwise, he would be an irresponsible man looking for excuses.  So it remains that he had indeed wronged a woman and touched her.    Hence, Daejang had already made up his mind to take responsibility for the crimes he had committed in the Heavens, leading to the eventual shocking decision to let himself getting stabbed all the way through by his own sword, unbeknownst to himself at this time, a foreshadowing if you will.

LMH conveyed these mixed emotions well at the scene under the Bongeunsa statue, imposing on KHS, stepping closer to her forcing her to step backwards.






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3 Responses to A Nobleman’s Dilemma

  1. pink sapphire says:

    That’s probably the reason, but what did it foretell?

  2. darcydevenus says:

    I absolutely love this post, it shows a lot of the anguish and what not from his perspective. Thank you for once again reminding me how great of a character/person he was!!!

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