Love at First Sight? Choi Yong First Love

Had a discussion with a faithling and here was what I thought after translating B1C2

The character Choi Yong fell in love and did not know it. The man was a courageous warrior, a general to be, but naive at the same time. This is an irony. This was a bit much as the whole Goryeo Empire depended on this one man, but though he was wise, he was very foolish at the same time.

He was foolish enough to compare how he felt when he met the modern day Gangnam South Korean lady for the first time to his feelings towards his teacher and the tiger, both stirring up emotions and leaving quite an impression. One thing was common to all three – he was stunned in their first encounter. (Seriously, the Gangnam princess would cry if she knew Choi Yong had compared her to a tiger or an martial arts master.)

Perhaps the author had tried to show that he did not know love then because he was rationalising his feelings towards what overwhelmed him before and found no match. Therefore his so called first love with his mate in the Red Moon was not love at all.

The feeling was not the same with the modern day woman – now he knew.

This time around, when he did not understand why his mind was filled with just this woman and nothing else, it was actually the first time he fell in love. Had he known, he would not be reasoning this with the teacher and tiger encounter.

In the book, Choi Yong’s first encounter with the Red Moon girl was not given, his relationship was not described in detail. The relationship was described, as far as I understood the script, as brotherly and sisterly and as a likely outcome for them to be a pair given that there was no other choice for a husband in the the group. Most were grown men and of the teacher/mentor level. It was taboo to have a relationship with teachers and mentors, even today this is so. They were the only pair of the same age. No sparks, nothing hot going on there.

Nor did Choi Yong compare how he was enamoured, fascinated and … stuck like the way he was taken off guard and stunned by the Doctor from the Heavens with how he felt when he first met the Red Moon girl.

The tiger and his teacher caused more of a stun and a stir in this heart and his mind – irrational and logical feelings at the same time. Stunned out of respect. Stunned during a showdown of belief, confidence and courage.

So now we have got respect, belief, confidence and courage. And if these two did not match how he felt about the beautiful doctor filled with confidence and courage, what was left was love at first sight, something he did not have, something he did not know, as he had never had a first love or a love at first sight.

The Red Moon girl left him with sadness and despair, so it was not like he could compare his first encounter with the Gangnam princess, revered and capable plastic surgeon that smelled like flowers but filled with confidence and courage. No sadness yet. No despair because she was going to given him hope, hope of turning things around back in Goryeo.

And he picked her. He could have gone and looked for another doctor that looked more like a doctor to him. He did not.

Choi Yong was stunned when he first met the doctor not because he was in awe that she was a doctor, it was because he was smitten for the first time, for he felt that she was the one, the one that he was waiting all his life. It is just that he did not know it then. Revelations came later when he spoke to his father in his dream. She was the one he was waiting for, not because he lost the Red Moon girl before, but he confirmed with his heart, personified by his father in his dream, that finally he found her – the reason to settle down and be complete, not so much as the reason to live as in to survive, Choi Yong was much more and bigger than that, but as the reason to live a life. To live and to live a life are two different things.

Choi Yong needed to be foolish at this part of the story. I did not like a naive man of power and intelligence, but I see that it worked in the story. He was indeed just a boy who did well in studies, skills and work. He was not a man in this other sense and would become one beginning in B1C2. This is where the character shows growth. The beautiful doctor from Gangnam would make the character Choi Yong complete.

She smelt like flowers. Her hair reflected a tint of red. She shone and her eyes sparkled, conveying confidence and intelligence. Her words were sung in a silvery voice. A wave of her hand changed the scene. And at that fateful moment in all that overwhelming brilliance, their eyes met and fate connected the star-crossed lovers, one from the past and the other from the future. Choi Yong never stood a chance.




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One Response to Love at First Sight? Choi Yong First Love

  1. darcydevenus says:

    Thanks for sharing your view! It’s like poetry. ^^ I’m excited that he’s going to really meet her in the story. Wow!!!! ^^

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