A Message from the Author of “The Faith”

On 25th September 2015, a message from Ms Song Ji Na was found.  I translated it from WaterWeed as follows:

“Oh, right … I have made everyone wait for long, haven’t I?”

“Thank you for (name)’s message.”

“The situation now is that there are problems with the publisher and also a few other problems as well.  I cannot start.  ‘Gas’ is running out.  What I need to finish before I die … but the remaining days are not very long … This is really the biggest of the baggages that I have to carry on my back as I go.  Baggages are baggages …  but because there are friends who keep on waiting like this, this has become a baggage that I will lift from my back to put on my lap and touch from time to time …”

When I saw this, my heart sank.  So, friends, let’s just forget the book for now just as my friend WaterWeed had said.

I am sorry to convey to you a message of disappointment.


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15 Responses to A Message from the Author of “The Faith”

  1. Eva says:

    I afraid this will happen since volume 2 was published, but it’s really happened now.
    I feel very sad about this, I had waiting for the novel for a long long time.
    But I also think is Miss. Song got any serious health problem?

  2. Adnana says:

    I think she just doesn’t want to work on the book any longer; like she gave up on it, in her heart, when the PD for the drama “Faith” (Kim Jong Hak)–also her long-time collaborator–died the way he died.
    And yes, she’s obviously moved on. She wrote “Healer” (which she said would be her last drama) and now, by all accounts, she has yet another drama in the pipeline. Weird, though, how she wrote “What I need to finish before I die … but the remaining days are not very long”… Does she have a terminal illness?

  3. darcydevenus says:

    I’m sad too. I think she has been away from the characters too long. She wrote Healer after Faith, and it took a lot. It happens sometimes, and the steam can leave. I understand that, and was afraid it might happen. I have a friend or two or three… they’ve written some amazing things for Faith… (fanfiction), and their contribution has filled the void left by her. I just wish that she’d do the very last chapter…… as a kind of wrap-up… even if she never finishes all of the inbetween stuff, I would love to know exactly what was supposed to happen under the ‘Tree’.

    It also sounds like she’s dying. Does she have a sickness or something? I don’t know. I try to look her up, and it’s all in Korean. Sad… Sad… Sad. I’m glad I have the volumes that I have. Maybe I should try to get my hands on the actual scripts… I wonder where I could find those.

    Thanks to you and Waterweed for keeping us ‘faithful’ flolks updated on the progress… or lack thereof… of the written word. Hugs from Uijeongbu.

    • Maria says:

      can you give me the link of those fanfic! would love to read them 🙂

    • I was hoping author Song would fulfill her promise that she would elaborate on the days CY and ES spent at the inn after they chased Gi Cheol off. That was the part she left out not PD nim.
      But I quite like the way how it ended at the Tree though she did not and was critical of it. I think PD nim did a great job. See “The Third Element of the Boroque Style” again if you have time.

    • I think she is saying she is getting older.

      • darcydevenus says:

        that makes sense. But, I’m actually devistated, but not suprised that she has but it aside permanently. 😥 Oh well. I’ve had closure. ^^ I live in Korea, and spent the afternoon by his tomb. I can’t complain. He is still one of my favourite heroes.

      • I would rather she did not start. I would rather she never elaborated on what was meant to be after each episode as the drama was being filmed. I hate having started something and not finishing. But I can always respect those who know when to let go. I thank her for giving us a story but I admire the late PD nim who finished it.

  4. Maria says:

    i m confused! does it mean she wont publish?! ever?! but the last line is ambiguous

    “but because there are friends who keep on waiting like this, this has become a baggage that I will lift from my back to put on my lap and touch from time to time …””

    doesnt it mean she’s saying she will keep on writing bits of novel from time to time?

    quite confused 😦 and devastated 😥

    • The last line…
      Don’t you have keepsakes from a trip or which was a gift and you just keep it, but from time to time you take it out and dust it or just take a look and put it away? Something that you keep, you don’t throw away but you don’t do anything with it other than keeping it?

      I think that is what she meant.

      To me, those are memorabilia of regrets we accumulate as we get older.

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