The Stele of Lady Yoo at the Grave of General Choe Yeong

Lady Yoo stele picture   do not edit, repost or copy

Photo copyrighted, compliments of Serena Myriam B. and Song Jina unofficial fanpage


Lady Yoo Stele


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7 Responses to The Stele of Lady Yoo at the Grave of General Choe Yeong

  1. pink sapphire says:

    Even though I had seen pictures of the tomb and read the inscriptions on the stone online previously, I find that you had translated it very well.

  2. darcydevenus says:

    I have a screenshot of the sign that’s at the foot of the staircase going up to his tomb, from the last time I went there. I could send it to you… I don’t know how to add a picture to this… I don’t know if it would work.

    here’s the page… i uploaded the screenshot to my tumbler account…. it’s found at the bottom of the stairs going up to the burial site. I don’t go to graveyards, they really bother me, but I was amazed by the peace I found there… even though it was under renovation. Did you know they put piles of soil on top to make sure that they would be extra warm in the afterlife? I don’t believe that, but it’s cool. Happy reading!!!

    • Thanks for uploading the sign. So, it is a family plot. I think most fans went crazy for a while when they read that Lady Yoo, his wife was buried beside him, on his left. This is because they believe that the wife would be Eun Soo. I have not been to the tomb. I wish I could.

  3. darcydevenus says:

    I’m going to go visit the grave again in a few weeks… I want to wait for the leaves to change colour. I went in June, and it was under reconstruction. I was really sad. Anyways, this answered a question. I do think it’s cool that he’s also buried by his father. It said that at the site. i bought the books in Korean. I wonder if Writer Song will ever finish them. 😥 Oh well, I’m getting my friends interested in this part of Korean history…. just from my enthousiasm. I blame it all of Faith. ^^

    • Buried by his father? Choe Yeong died an old man so his father was a very old man when he buried his son? Come back in a few weeks to give us a history lesson. Take pictures and show us your wonderful trip, OK?

      • darcydevenus says:

        Sorry if you misunderstood, he was buried in the same plot with his father. His father had died first. Quite before, but still, I found it touching that they were buried together. Dang that drama… it’s been three years, but I STILL get emotional about it. ^^

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