Game of Thrones Season V

Fate of the Women

Women have always been important in the history of different cultures in the sense that they are property and they connect relations of sorts.

Women have been bought and sold, traded and bartered, suited and auctioned…

Women have been exchanged for favours and fortune, ransom and rights, power and alliances, names and titles, land and livestock…

Women bond families, clans and nations, cross borders of different kinds, cease war and consolidate power and wealth…

whether they are property, concubines, hostages, matrons, priestesses…

from birth and well into old age

from slaves to queens, all the same

more times than you can imagine

Have you read the book “Trojan Women” from Greek antiquity?

Stories of the fate and the manipulation of women in situations beyond their control are common.  The fate of women in these stories is more common than you think in history.



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