Game of Thrones IV

Tis the season –

where displaced souls find love, friendship or ally under the least likely of circumstances;

where heroes seemingly had much more ahead meet sudden and unexpected ends;

where heroines get caught from one predicament to the next as if misfortune will have no end;

where loyalty and betrayal are juxtaposed, the former with antagonists and the latter with the protagonists played out in the ironies of life;

where all the characters who are destined to passover to the next season continue a meandering pilgrimage of growth, seeking for their own holy grail;

where the amount of sex and the violence are the sum of those in seasons that had gone by;

where good things happen to bad people and bad things just happen;

where all the taboos are the common place instead and played out over and over in everyday life;

where lemon cakes are served;

and the Rains of Castamere is sung.

I was literally shocked when Prince Oberyn was killed and disturbed by the way he was killed.  Not for the faint of heart.

And looking back, the collection of taboos here are far more than you can find in an Anthropology 101 textbook and illustrated here too vividly.  Just name it, and this story will have it – different types of incest, multiple violations of the guest-host protocol, marriage of close relatives where elders and juniors are crossed-over, sex acts happening every which way except between the man and his wife or the wife and her husband, castration, cannibalism, human sacrifice, violation of safe-haven under surrender, denial of proper burial, black magic rites, curses, death by poison, and as Tyrion Lannister would put it, regicide, familicide, matricide, patricide, fratricide, infanticide, mariticide, avunculicide, nepoticide, prolicide, sororicide, uxoricide, amicicide, gendercide, genocide, democide, omnicide…

Definitely not for the faint of heart.

But, that’s life.

Have you watched the news lately?

Have you watched the news lately?

Have you?






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2 Responses to Game of Thrones IV

  1. Phoenix says:

    GOT is one of my favs. But after Dance of the Dragons, I think I may just skip lots of pages and read only about Arya and John Snow. 😦
    So far, I still prefer Terry Goodkind’s writings

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