Empress Ki Episode 25

The Emperor sees her returned as a consort.  A normal person would be left speechless.  He was already speechless and now he found the strength to talk.

In a private chamber, he summons her.  She comes and he hugs her.  He is already heartbroken.  Can there be more sadness and despair?  He hugs her and knows that he has lost her forever.  She has changed, he said.  There is not a shred of her old self that he loves left in the shell that embodies her.  He realizes that.

He does not look at her.  He turns around and tells her that whatever she does, he will let her and help her.

He knows the one he loves is long gone.

Yes.  He is now more heartbroken than ever.

What can he do?  What can he say?

Nothing more.

Just endless pain, despair from the vengeance that she wants.

From now on, he is a platform and a tool that she uses.

He is helplessly lost in love, and he has also lost his love.

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