Empress Ki Episode 24

I like this one.  Though it was like the last one, everything was staged and so expected but these are steps to putting her back in the palace.  We want that.

I must say I feel much for the emperor.  He cries without a voice.  Tears.  As if his heart is really breaking.  One has to be broken into pieces inside in order to have wrath, despair and sadness all showing all on his twisted face.  His whole person is in melancholy and hopelessness.  That.  That is what heartbroken is like and the actor gives a powerful performance.  The most powerful person in all the lands – so they think, yet a helpless boy.  He gives everything into protecting her, even careful enough not to see her so she can be safe, but he lost her, again a helpless boy.

And how he reacts when he sees her again amidst all this sadness, hopelessness and helplessness.  But she just acts calm and stuck up her nose.

I must say I am not touched by the actress’s performance but the one playing the emperor moves me so.

The king is just bellowing with tears coming out of his nose.  Sorry fans.  Not my cup of tea, but I know he is popular.

I like how Bayan adopted her.  I like how Tuo Tuo came to accept her.  He kneels before her when they arrive at the palace.  Kind of like a knight in the age of chivalry.

She must get the flower.

I like Bayan.  He is good-looking and looks the part of a general.

I still feel sorry for the queen.  She is like the most tragic person in the palace.

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