Empress Ki Episode 21

It’s a lonely, lonely night.  I need to find the happiness that’s hidden in all this emptiness and misfortune.  I need to have faith.  I need to believe.  Just because I find happiness in little things.  It should be easy to think positive.  (I also find despair in little things easily, part of me that needs fixing.)  And when I find happiness in other people’s problems.  I hate myself.

Well.  As I was counting my discovery of the happiness hidden right here, one of which is an early viewing opportunity of Ep21.  I thought I had to wait longer!

(into the story now)

And just when I thought she was going to be by the side of the dethroned king before she somehow became Empress Ki, she for some stupid reason had to stay on in the land of Yuan.

And she had to get into a fight and be pursued by all the villains there were in the whole palace.  And the writer used the ‘hide in the tub and kiss before suffocation’ premise to put my favorite emperor with her again.

He rescued her.  He hid her.  Killers at the door.

He scattered rose petals quickly into the tub (think too big a tub) until they completely covered the surface.

When he had to stall for time, he kissed her to blow air into her lungs so that she would not drown.

Old trick to bring swooning in.  Each and every scene they’re together is better in every which way than with the king.  I wonder why.  Producer and writer both know that fans lean the way of the actor playing the king.  (I lean towards the emperor.)


This is the only scene I get out of the whole episode.  Everything they did was just premise after premise to lead to this scene.  Don’t you get it?  Everything that had happened: the assassination, the plotting, the killing, the torture, the political struggle, her fleeing for her life were all in the big picture – are written in just so that one small thing could happen, that is, he could have her in the TUB!

With rose petals!

And then he got to hug her!

One more reason to be happy right into the bag.  The way I wanted the story to turn out, tub or no tub, it doesn’t matter.

Not time to change channel yet.

Too tired.

Tomorrow is not exactly a day I look forward to.

Hope Ep 22 is just around the corner and another reason to be happy after the ordeal tomorrow.

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