Empress Ki Episode 20

What a contrast.

When she is with the Emperor, what we see about them is pastel and bright colors.  The texture is soft, smooth, with silk, chiffon and down.  It looks and feels gentle, clean, neat and tidy.  The two together feel at ease, relaxed, natural, though a bit sad.  The Emperor who is a very young man, sad and helpless, even illiterate, comes alive, confident and direct when he is with her.  He even tries hard and is successful in protecting her now, the one who saved his life and protected his.  He is no longer helpless and gaining confidence.  He has her to lose and he must grow up.  He and she seem old friends.  They bicker at each other.  They play tricks on each other.  They understand each other and they support each other through hard times.

When she is with the King, we see about them dark colors.  The feeling is heavy, thick and hard.  The two together gives the feeling of awkwardness.  The King who has been through so much when with her behaves in an awkward and naive way.

She shed tears when reminiscing times with the Emperor when considering the proposal from the King whom she loves or does she also love another?  She sleeps with the King anyways.

Her heart, however, changes course.

Which way am I leaning?

If her heart doesn’t tell the truth about whom she cares more about, I will change the channel.

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