night at the COEX with “The Faith”


in the spring of 2013, there was a convention for doctors of aesthetic surgery and medicine, just like the setting at the beginning of the story of “The Faith” – click to see the banner in the larger picture

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  1. darcydevenus says:

    I found out where this is… I’m probably going to hit there too this weekend… It’s Choseok. ^^

    • Found out? I thought COEX is well-known enough and did not provide the address. This is in Gangnam. CO- convention EX – Expo Centre. The largest underground mall in the world situated right across street to Bongeunsa and right. The convention of aesthetic surgery takes place annually around in late March or early April, well that is if they did not cancel. This also coincides with Choseok and the Lantern Festival. Remember Choi Yong landed in Bongeunsa during the Lantern Festival? It is celebrated with fabulous displays of lanterns everywhere and Bongeunsa even has a parade. However, it is not in October. I will see if I have time to put up photos of the Lanterns at Bongeunsa later on. Happy trip to Korea.

      • darcydevenus says:

        LOL! No, it isn’t in October. The lantern festival happens in April or may… at least it did this year. I mean, I didn’t really know what it was until this past weekend. I’m rewatching Faith for the Xth time, but the first time since I’ve come to Korea, and it is interesting to see some of the places I actually have been, but the temple, and the COEX are very important to the story… I just hadn’t really known where to look before I rewatched the first episode, and went to Seoul over the weekend. You can call me crazy, but I have had quite a few dramas going on around me. I’m just trying to find things as I discover them. ^^

      • April for Lantern Festival – may change due to the Lunar Calendar. They filmed the drama in October – Choseok, but in the story, it was the time of the Lantern Festival. And you are telling me you are residing in Korea, but did not know where Gangnam or the COEX is? Well, not too late. Gangnam is a new district, a financial district where there are middle to high end shops as well. When they refer to Eun Soo as the Gangnam princess, it means she was money-oriented, chic and fashionable. She wore a DKNY watch, a Carven lace shirt and 14 cm stilettos, etc when she was kidnapped. It means she was single and middle-class and not Chaebol wearing Chanel and LV, etc.

      • darcydevenus says:

        I knew where Gangnam was, but I didn’t really know of the COEX. I’m headed there this weekend though. ^^ I don’t live in Seoul: I live in Uijeongbu, so it’s a bit to the north, and I don’t get to Seoul very often. But, I think that I’ll have some fun. ^^ Thanks for all you do though. We appreciate it.

      • COEX is convention centre on top and shopping mall, cinema, aquarium, restaurants below plus one of the two Intercontinental on each end and opposite Bongeunsa. The zebra crossing Choi Yong crossed from Bongeunsa to COEX has been moved. Every time I go to Bongeunsa, it looks different. Hope you enjoy your trip. I also enjoyed shopping at Shinsadong, not just Myeongdong and Dongdaemun. My favorite places are the National Museum of Seoul and Jongmyo Shrine. You would know the tree and the temple are located in Buyeo, 5 hours from Seoul. Have a happy trip. Let’s compare experiences when you return. Have a safe trip!

      • darcydevenus says:

        I didn’t know where the tree was. I’ve been asking my Korean friends… nobody seemed to know. I’ll be definitely going to the tree… it’s so important in the drama… and others. Such a great drama spot! I definitely will compare when I return. ^^ Thanks for the infos.

      • Tree in Buyeo, not in Seoul

      • darcydevenus says:

        Yup. Thanks. I’ll add that area of places to see in Korea. It’s such a pretty spot. Thanks. ^ ^

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