Empress Ki Episode Fifthteen

The king is a boy infatuated by her.

When she is not there, he thinks she is there.  Like a boy.

He lays his head on her pillow, as if she is beside him.

He holds her handkerchief close and keeps it close to his heart.

He pictures how she lives in her room.  He thinks she needs a dresser.

When she is there, he keeps her busy and three steps of his presence to protect her.  A wish of the boy, but the heart of a man.

She seems strong but both kings knew that not even kings can save her, especially because they are what they are.

Every girl, from top of the rank to the lowest of file, is under the spell of the other king who is in exile.  How can they not be?  Tall, dark, handsome, mysterious, scandalous, dangerous, sad, intense, dramatic, quiet…they do not stand a chance.

Tangishi: You said I killed your mother?  I have killed not just one or two, but so many palace maidens by the blade.  How would I know which blow killed your mother?  I just love Tangishi.  A straightforward kind of villain.  He is now very troubled because he had fallen for her.  What he is saying is – don’t be ridiculous, I kill people and you know that, so there are bound to be mothers, wives and sisters whom I have chopped down.  So don’t be touchy about it.  Villains should be all like that.

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