Empress Ki Episode Thirteen

I like the way he notices how she might be angry, that she might be sad, and that she has lost weight. He tries really hard to protect her knowing that she will be killed if she is not within his sight. I like the way he watches over her, having the royal guards capture the assassin without her even noticing, puts her within three steps of his presence, makes her read aloud to him by his bedside, one book after another, just to keep her occupied and so that he can hear her and know that she is safe, walks back and forth just to get her to smile once in the midst of all her anguish and sorrow, orders her to check the food for poison just so that she will eat, and checks on her looking through her door when she cries. I like the way he smiles to himself like a kid when he gets a smile out of her or makes her swallow a morsel of food when she does not eat. What does not make sense is that we are talking about a strong and hot tempered woman who can shoot an arrow with the aim of an eagle, fight troops of soldiers in battle, jump off cliffs, drag a full grown man for miles and another out of the water, paddle boats from shore to shore, and survive arrow wounds, stab wounds…, but who cares? Totally hooked. What to do?

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